Capstar For Dogs And Cats Reviews-Does The Pill Work

Unless you wish to bring your dog to a animal hospital – click here, other wise you can consider Capstar as an OTC medication to treat fleas on your dogs and cats.

Capstar Reviews For Dogs And Cats

The pill is designed solely for 1 purpose – to get rid of all the fleas on your pet within 1 hour.

What Is Capstar

Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets are designed to get rid of the fleas on dogs and cats as quick as within half hour. The manufacturer states that the pills will kill more than 90% of the adult fleas within

– 4 hours on dogs
– 6 hours on cats

The tablet has no flavour. It is safe for pregnant, nursing dogs and cats.

The downside to this is that Capstar does not last longer than a day. It is useful for a quick removal of fleas. The tablet is not effective for preventing and controlling of the fleas.

Capstar For Dogs – What Is The Price

The price of a 6 pack Capstar treatment is $26.99 depending. You can buy it easily from the official site here. They have cheap sale promotion frequently. You can check back this blog regularly for Capstar discount coupon code.

The most popular websites (and also credible) that many buy the Capstar from are PetMeds and PetCo.

Note that only PetCo carry the Capstar Blue and Green tablets. PetMeds pricing is the lowest among the 2 so far.

We compiled a summary table for your reference and compared both websites in terms of pricing. The pricing fluctuates from time to time. The table below is accurate at the time of writing. You can click on the button on the tables below to view their latest pricing and consumers reviews.

capstar reviews

Is There Any Sale

You can use the Capstar discount coupon code “TOP10” for the best price.

Where To Buy The Capstar Tablet

So “where can I buy Capstar” is a common question asked. The good news is that Capstar is not a prescription drug and therefore you can buy it easily from many online pet websites or the Amazon. We recommend that you buy the pills from a reputable website such as this 1800 Pet Official Site that offer 30 days refund. At the point of writing, the price in amazon and Petco is higher.

The table below summarises the comparison between the 2 popular pet supplies websites that supply Capstar blue and green for dogs and cats.

capstar for dogs

Capstar Vs Frontline Vs Comfortis

Many people compare Capstar vs Frontline and Capstar vs Comfortis and wonder what are the differences.

Each of those flea treatment medications is good and efficient. Which one to use depends on your preference, budget and your pet dog and cat reaction to the drug.

Here we summarised the key comparison information for you. You can click on the buttons at the end of the table to visit their official sites for more details,

capstar flea treatment

Side Effects For Dogs And Cats

The known common side effects of the Capstar medication –

– itching
– vomiting
– diarrhea
– reduce appetite
– fever
– seizures
– allergic reaction

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